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Sierra Watch Files Law Suit! , December 15, 2016

Sierra Watch: Conservationists take on Placer County for violations of the Brown Act , December 9 ,2016

Squaw’s Future Decided, Moonshine Ink, November 16, 2016

Squaw Plays Trump Card , Unofficial Alpine, November 15, 2016

Attorney General Office of California Comments on the Village at Squaw Valley Plan, Unofficial Alpine, August 10

Opinion: Squaw Valley Threatened by Development Plans, Reno Gazette Journal, August 10

Simply Speaking…Why the Planning Commission Should Deny the Village at Squaw Valley Project, Unofficial Alpine, August 9

Debunking “The Facts About the Village at Squaw Valley Development Plan, Keep Squaw True, August 9

The Proposed Village at Squaw Valley: Which Side are You On?, Unofficial Alpine, August 7

Squaw Valley Invites Employees to Drink the Kool Aid, Unofficial Alpine, August 5

My Turn: Squaw Valley Village Development Not Fit for Our Future, Sierra Sun, August 5

Squaw Sets Up Scarecrow Non Profit to Seduce, Frighten Basin Residents, Death of the Press Box, August 4

Squaw Valley Dangles $7.5 Million in Front of the Community, Unofficial Alpine, August 2

My Turn: Squaw Valley, Tahoe Deserve Better Than Current Development, Sierra Sun, August 2

My Turn: Silent Majority Opposes Squaw Development, Sierra Sun, August 2

Coming Soon: The Battle for Squaw Valley, Unofficial Alpine, July 29

Squaw Wars, Sierra Sun, July 22

Squaw Valley Village: What’s Next?, Unofficial Alpine, July 16

Two Developments Tip the Scales, Moonshine Ink, July 15

Squaw Advisory Council Votes No to KSL Development, Ski Curbed, May 17

Squaw Council Votes to Advise Placer County to Shun Development Plan, Sierra Sun, May 17

Squaw Advisory Council Says No to KSL Development, Lake Tahoe News, May 16

The Community Says No to the Village at Squaw Valley Project…Again, Unofficial Alpine, May 16

Sierra Watch: Squaw Valley MAC Votes to Deny North Tahoe Development, Yuba Net, May 16

Squaw Development: Money or Lives, Moonshine Ink, May 13

Squaw Valley MAC Meets Saturday: Village Plan on the Agenda, Unofficial Alpine, May 12

Opinion: Squaw Valley Redevelopment Project Should Be Downsized, Sierra Sun, May 10

My Turn: Village at Squaw Valley Development Proposal is Bad, Sierra Sun, April 26

The Village at Squaw Valley: The Community vs Big Money, Unofficial Alpine, April 25

Squaw Valley Development Opponents Offer More Project Criticism, Sierra Sun, April 21

Squaw Valley Chief Faces Community Opposition to Expansion, Sacramento Bee, April 19

Squaw Valley Updates Development Plan, Critics Say It’s Too Much, Reno Gazette Journal, April 15

Squaw Valley Village Development: Final Environmental Report Ready, Sierra Sun, April 12

Meet the New Plan, The Same as the Old Plan, April 6, Unofficial Alpine

My Turn: Squaw Valley – Plenty of Snow, Not Enough Water, March 29, Sierra Sun

Opponents in Squaw Debate Tangle Over Muir Legacy, February 24, Reno Gazette Journal

Defending John Muir’s Legacy, February 11, Unofficial Alpine

TRPA Notes Its Concerns Regarding the Village at Squaw Valley Project, February 9, Unofficial Alpine

My Turn: More Reasons Why Squaw Development is a Bad Idea, February 5, Sierra Sun


The Community Rallies to Protect Squaw Valley, December 27, Unofficial Alpine

A Challenge to the Notion That the Community Supports the Village at Squaw Valley Project, December 9, Unofficial Alpine

Following Nasty Four Year Battle, Why Squaw Valley Will Not Become It’s Own Town, December 4, Teton Gravity Research

Squaw Valley Will Not Become a Town, December 4, Unofficial Networks

IOV Calls It Quits, December 3, Moonshine Ink

Squaw Alpine Boss Looks to Turn Page on Divisive Fight, December 3, Reno Gazette Journal

With Incorporation Shelved, What’s Next for Olympic Valley Residents, December 3, Sierra Sun

Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts End With Application Withdrawal, December 3, Placer County

IOV Officially Withdraws Incorporation Petition: What’s Next, December 2, Unofficial Alpine

Olympic Valley Ends Incorporation Bid, December 1, Sacramento Bee

Group Pulling Plug on Olympic Valley Incorporation Effort, December 1, Sierra Sun

Editorial: Squaw Valley CEO Declares Victory on War Over Incorporation, November 22, Unofficial Alpine

Olympic Valley Moves Forward with Controversial Bid to Become a Town, November 6, KUNR Reno Public Radio

My Turn: We Must Stop Overdevelopment Near Olympic Valley, November 5, Sierra Sun

Incorporate Olympic Valley Scores Major Win in Fight to Create California’s Next Town, November 5, Curbed Ski

State to IOV:”It’ll Work”, November 4, Granite Chief Blog

Incorporate Olympic Valley: State Controller Review Shows The Incorporation is Financially Viable, November 4, Unofficial Alpine

Town Creation for Olympic (Squaw) Valley Update: Town Likely Financially Viable, November 3, Snowbrains

Letter: Overdeveloped Lake Tahoe in the Works, November 2, Lake Tahoe News

Squaw Valley Propaganda: What a Load of Malarkey, October 30, Unofficial Alpine

Squaw Valley KSL Developers “Out of Touch”, October 22, Eco Truckee Blog

An Overflow Crowd at the Placer County Supervisors’ Meeting, October 21, Unofficial Alpine

Another View: Development in Squaw Valley is a Great Big No, October 21, Auburn Journal

Squaw Valley: Looking for Love for the Village, October 2, Unofficial Alpine

TRPA Needs to Stop Squaw Valley Development, September 26, Lake Tahoe News

Squaw Valley Committee Oks Development Design Standards, September 18, Sierra Sun

Squaw Revises Expansion Plan, But Critics Say It’s Still Too Much Development, September 16, KUNR

Reader Input: Don’t Build in Squaw Valley, September 15, Auburn Journal

Opinion: Construction, Noise, Visual Concerns with Squaw Village Development, September 7, Sierra Sun

Could an Appeal to the State be Squaw Incorporation’s Last Hope?, August 28, Moonshine Ink

One Star Views of National Parks Changed My Mind, August 26, Granite Cheif Blog

Squaw Valley Should Not Become Vail or Aspen, Development Critic Writes, August 24, Sierra Sun

Olympic Valley Incorporation Process on Hold for CA Controller Review, August 20, Sierra Sun

Opinion: Squaw Valley Must Downsize Village Development Proposal, August 18, Sierra Sun

Placer LAFCO Agrees to Send CFA Out For Review By The State Controller, August 16, Unofficial Alpine

The Long View of the Squaw-Alpine Gondola, August 14, Moonshine Ink

Does the Squaw-Alpine Gondola Run Through Wilderness?, August 14, Moonshine Ink

State Getting Involved with Olympic Valley Incorporation, August 14, Lake Tahoe News

Multimillion-Dollar Olympic Museum at Squaw Valley Reaches Next Phase, August 14, Sierra Sun

Sierra Watch: Squaw Development Threatens Everything We Love About Tahoe, August 14, Sierra Sun

There’s (Still) Little Love for the Squaw Valley Base Plan, Curbed Ski, August 11

Squaw Valley Sets a New Record for Anti-Community Spending, Unofficial Alpine, August 6


Another Group is Unhappy with Squaw Valley, Unofficial Alpine, August 4

Town of Truckee Shares Criticism of Squaw Village Development, Sierra Sun, August 3

Five Environmental Groups Come Together in Protecting Granite Chief Wilderness, Unofficial Alpine, July 28

Town of Truckee Concerned About Truckee Development, EcoTruckee, July 15

My Turn: Tune Out Schoolyard Shouts, Focus on Squaw Valley Project Impacts, Sierra Sun, July 14

Squaw CEO Andy Wirth Comes Out Swinging …. Again, Unofficial Alpine, July 12

Olympic Valley Incorporation Hitting Big-Step Stage of Process, Sacramento Business Journal, July 9

Clock is Ticking for Squaw Valley Expansion Input, Sierra Sun, July 9

Another View: Placer County: Hold Sierra Watch to the Truth, Auburn Journal, July 9

My Turn: With Squaw Expansion, Stop Feeding Addiction to Fatter Profits, Sierra Sun, July 7

SquAlpine Gondola Update Released…And Yet Another Movement has Started, Unofficial Alpine, July 5

Another View: It’s Time for Placer County to Stand Up for Squaw Valley, Auburn Journal, July 1

Squaw Valley Resumes Spending to Stop Incorporation Movement in Olympic Valley, Unofficial Alpine, July 1

Heavy Criticism Into Massive Ski Area Expansion Continues, Sierra Sun, June 30

Overflow Crowd at Squaw Valley Development Hearing, Keep Squaw True, June 26

The Squaw Valley Community is Not Willing to Accept “Significant & Unavoidable Impacts” of the Village Project, Unofficial Alpine, June 26

Squaw Valley Has Spent $500,000 Fighting Incorporation, Curbed Ski, June 23

Placer County Planning Commission Will Meet Thursday: Its Your Turn to Comment on Squaw Valley Village Proposal, Unofficial Alpine, June 22

Battle Over Squaw Valley Expansion Plan Heats Up, KCRA, June 22

Could the Squaw Incorporation Report be Wrong?, Moonshine Ink, June 19

Debate Continues: Would Town of Olympic Valley Be a Financial Failure?, Sierra Sun, June 17

Olympic Valley Incorporation Bid Pits Residents Against Squaw Valley Resort, Sierra Sun, June 13

Major Environmental Impacts Revealed in Squaw Village Document, Moonshine Ink, June 12

Independent Firm Finds Squaw Incorporation Not Feasible, Moonshine Ink, June 12

Placer County LAFCO Meets Wednesday to Talk About Olympic Valley CFA, Unofficial Alpine, June 8

In Squaw Valley, Incorporate Olympic Valley is Down, But Not Out After Latest Fiscal Report, Curbed Ski, June 8

Proposed High-Rises Generate Squaw Valley Controversy, Sacramento Bee, June 6

Taking from the Public Trust: The Squaw-Alpine Gondola, Unofficial Alpine, June 6

IOV Was Correct: There Appears to be Seriously Flaws in the CFA, Unofficial Alpine, June 3

Opinion: Get Involved with Squaw Valley Expansion Report, Sierra Sun, June 2

Opinion: Squaw Valley Needs to Fund Transportation Alternative, Sierra Sun, June 2

Drought Doesn’t Prevent Tahoe Development, Lake Tahoe News, June 1

Opinion: Olympic Valley Fiscal Report Seriously Flawed, Sierra Sun, June 1

Incorporate Olympic Valley Speaks Up Regarding the Preliminary CFA, Unofficial Alpine, May 30

Olympic Valley Incorporation Supporters Criticize Negative Report, Biz Journal, May 27

Andy Wirth, Olympic Valley Group Disagree on fiscal report, Sierra Sun, May 26

Wirth Delivers His Latest Proclamation, Unofficial Alpine, May 25

Squaw CEO Andy Wirth Kicks Off Summer by Sharting all over Olympic Valley Community, Death of the Pressbox, May 23

Village at Squaw Valley Project: Renderings, New Opinions and a Workshop, Unofficial Alpine, May 19

Squaw Valley Expansion Report Released, Outside Online, May 19

New Report Details Potential Environmental Impact of Proposed Squaw Valley Base Village, Curbed Ski, May 18

Village at Squaw Valley Draft EIR Released, Unofficial Alpine, May 15

The Results are in on the Squaw-Alpine Gondola, Curbed Ski, May 13

Adding to the Confusion, Unofficial Alpine, May 12

Opinion: Clearing up Confusion Over Potential Squaw-Alpine Gondola, Sierra Sun, May 11

Opinion: Just the Facts From the SVPSD, Sierra Sun, May 7

Vote Now: Yay or Nay on the Squaw-Alpine Gondola, Curbed Ski, May 5

The Gondola Squawble Continues, Unofficial Alpine, May 1

Opinion: Squaw Gondola Project May Profoundly Impact Tahoe-Truckee, Sierra Sun, April 30

It Appears Squaw Valley Now Recognizes the Real Granite Chief Boundary, Unofficial Alpine, April 23

Julia Mancuso Opinion: My Friend Andy Wirth is a Good Guy, Sierra Sun, April 21

Andy Wirth and Troy Caldwell Interview, KTKE Truckee 101.5 FM, April 20

Opinion: Clarifying My Comments on the Proposed Squaw-Alpine Gondola, Sierra Sun, April 16

Tahoe Area Gondola Stokes Wilderness Spat, Reno Gazette Journal, April 16

Conservation Group Opposes Tahoe Area Ski Resort Gondola Plan, LA Times, April 16

Conservation Group Opposes Gondola Project on Private Land, Capital Public Radio, April 16

Squaw-Alpine Gondola: Marco Sullivan, JT Holmes, Others Weigh In, Sierra Sun, April 14

Breaking Down the Proposed Squaw/Alpine Meadows Gondola, Pow Fix, April 14

Gondola Would Create 1 of the Largest US Ski Areas near Tahoe, New York Times, April 13

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows to be Connected with New Gondola, Teton Gravity Research, April 13

The SquAlpine Gondola Connector: A Community Divided, Unofficial Alpine, April 13

My Turn: Privileged Mindset Needs to Change, Sierra Sun, April 13

Two Mountains, One Gondola, Moonshine Ink, April 13

Why the Squaw-Alpine Gondola Will Never Happen, Death of the Press Box, April 13

Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows Announce Base to Base Gondola, Powder Magazine, April 13

My Turn: Mindless, Soulless Behavior with Squaw Expansion Idea, Sierra Sun, March 12

Jeremy Jones Opinion: At POW, We Stay Away from Resort Development Talks, Sierra Sun, March 10

My Turn: Protect Our Winters Should Urge Squaw to Scale Down Project, Sierra Sun, March 3

Squaw Valley Looks to Martis Valley for Water Security, Development, Sierra Watch, February 26

Warm, Dry Weather Threatens Way of Life at Lake Tahoe, KQED News, February 26

Squaw Valley: Can We Really Trust What is Going On?, Unofficial Alpine, February 24

So…How Green Is That Helicopter?, Unofficial Alpine, January 14

My Turn: Squaw’s Environmental Commitment Means Little in the Grand Scheme of Things, Sierra Sun, January 12

Squaw Valley: Green or Greenwashing?, Unofficial Alpine, January 4


My Turn: Importance of Community Voice with Squaw Valley Development, Sierra Sun, December 27

Community Forum will Review Latest Squaw Plan, Unofficial Alpine, December 26

Squaw Valley: Is a Community a Village?, My Shot, December 12

As Snow Fades, California Ski Resorts are Left High and Very Dry, New York Times, November 24

My Turn: Would Squaw Valley Development Impact Aquifer Recharging, Sierra Sun, November 10

Are Local Non Profit Groups Being Manipulated by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings?, Unofficial Alpine, November 7

Squaw Valley Timber Plan Will Improve Community Safety and Offer New Terrain, Unofficial Alpine, October 21

A Valley Divided, Tahoe Quarterly, October 20

My Turn: Do We Want Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Leading Us?, Sierra Sun, October 15

Another Letter Questions Wirth’s Motives, Unofficial Alpine, October 13

A Question of Leadership, Unofficial Alpine, October 4

My Turn: A New Direction for Leadership, Sierra Sun, October 3

My Turn: Community Interest vs. Corporate Reality, Sierra Sun, September 4

My Turn: Concerns About Squaw Valley Expansion, August 26, Sierra Sun

Squaw Valley, Water, Water Everywhere, August 25, Moonshine Ink

My Shot: Local Geoscientist Challenges Squaw Valley Water Supply Assessment, August 18, Unofficial Alpine

My Turn: Restoring Shirley Canyon Trail to its Natural Beauty, August 11, Sierra Sun