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Public Workshop on the Village at Squaw Valley Project Set for Monday, Unofficial Alpine, July 18

Squaw/Alpine CEO Andy Wirth: Resorts Will be Connected in Near Future, Sierra Sun, July 15

Plenty of Water, Moonshine Ink, July 11

Water Resources are Sufficient to Support Village Expansion,, June 27

Dry Climate Turns Search for Water Below Ground, Tahoe Quarterly, June 27

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Squaw Valley Denounces Robb Gaffney’s Resignation, SnowBrains, April 18

Former Squaw Ambassador: Development Plan Just Doesn’t Sit Right, Sierra Sun, April 17

Robb Gaffney Responds to Squaw CEO’s Tough Talk on NPR Against Creating a Town of Olympic Valley, Snowbrains, April 15

Modern Day Hero: Dr. Robb Gaffney, Sole of Skiing, April 14

Andy Wirth Guest Column: A Blinding Flash of the Obvious, Sierra Sun, April 10

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Julia Macuso, JT Holmes and Friends Endorse Squaw Valley Expansion, Unofficial Networks, April 7

Squaw Valley Expansion Plans Backed by Mancuso, but Criticized by Environmentalists, The Republic, April 6

Similiar Concerns Raised on Latest Squaw Valley Project – Sierra Sun, April 3

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Only a Couple More Days to Comment on the Squaw Valley Village NOP, Unofficial Alpine, March 19

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Squaw Valley Village Revised Plan NOP Open for Comments, Unofficial Alpine, February 26

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Streamlined Squaw Valley Base Project Detailed; Review Underway, Snocountry, January 26

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Coffee for Thought, Granite Chief Blog, January 10

Squaw Valley’s Redundant Water Supply, The Spout, January 9

Is the Community Ready for More Squaw Valley Development?, The Spout, January 9



Locals Sound Off on Squaw Valley Village Proposal, Sierra Sun, December 28

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Daycare Drama, Moonshine Ink, December 12

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Concern Continues To Build in Olympic Valley, Meeting Scheduled Sunday, Unofficial Alpine, October 2

Dear KSL”: Don’t Make Squaw a Big Box Store, Sierra Sun, October 1

Placer County Approves  Olympic Valley Petition, Moonshine Ink, September 30

Placer County Approves Olympic Valley Petition to Become a Town, First Tracks Online, September 29

“Squawlywood” Author Robb Gaffney Speaks Out on KSL’s Plans, Curbed Ski, September 16

Human Nature Foils Squaw Village Discussion, Moonshine Ink, September 13

Changing Gears, Moonshine Ink, September 13

Speaking Up to Protect Squaw Valley: What Would Muir Do?, Moonshine Ink, September 13

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Squaw Unveils New and Bigger Model of Planned Development, Moonshine Ink, August 21

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Extreme Make Over, The Snow Mag, August 8

Squaw Valley Expansion Raise Question of Growth vs. Sustainability, Reno Gazette Journal, July 28

Checking In With KSL’s Base Village Plans for Squaw Valley, Curbed Ski, July 24

Placer County Undermines the Design Review Committee Process in Squaw Valley, My Shot, July 12

Squaw Valley Listens to Community and Modifies Village Plans, Snow Brains, July 10

Squaw Valley Working on Updated Expansion Proposal, Sierra Sun, July 9

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