May 16, 2016

FoSV’s Position on the Proposed Village at Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley MAC voted to deny the Proposed Village Development be Approved

Summary: On Saturday, May 14th the Squaw Valley Municipal Advisory Council (SVMAC) heard the public’s comments in favor of and opposed to the Squaw Valley Ski Holding’s (SVSH) proposed Specific Plan for the Village at Squaw Valley project. About 30 members of the north Tahoe community spoke, with almost all opposed to accepting the Specific Plan as proposed. Many concerns were expressed in the comments, including the size, location, and “appropriateness” of the Mountain Adventure Camp; the already severe, existing traffic situation; increased noise, lack of sufficient employee housing; aquifer viability; and the existing peak overnight population versus the Squaw Valley General Plan allowed maximum of 11-12,000. At the conclusion of comment period the SVMAC voted on two related motions, both passing with 3:1 majorities. The first was to reject the Specific Plan as proposed, and second was to recommend a serious analysis and consideration of the Reduced Density Alternative detailed in the draft EIR which called for a 50% reduction in maximum bedroom count. The matter will now proceed to the Placer County Planning Commission with a hearing scheduled for June 23.

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Squaw Valley MAC Meeting, May 14, 2016

The Final EIR for the proposed Village at Squaw Valley has been published and we are in the comment period.

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Click here for the April 2016 Specific Plan

The next meeting is the all-important Entitlement Hearing before the Place County Planning Commission. This is scheduled for June 23rd with time and place TBD (usually is at 10 AM and could be in Kings Beach or Resort at Squaw Creek). They will be voting on and/or making their recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on the Final EIR, the Specific Plan, the Design Guidelines, the Development Agreements, the Master Phasing Plan, and so on and so on. The Board of Supervisors (the last step in the process) will probably hear the Village Project sometime in the summer.

Given the size of the documentation about this project, it is probably safe to assume that the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors will be leaning heavily on the recommendations made by the Planning Department. It is therefore vitally important that the public attend this meeting, voicing their opinions on the Final EIR and the Specific Plan. It is possible as well that there will be a financial analysis document available prior to this meeting prepared by a consultant hired by SVRE.