The Friends of Squaw Valley held a well-attended Forum on July 5, 2015 focusing on how to write comment letters in response to the Village at Squaw Valley draft Environmental Impact Report (dEIR). The Friends want to emphasize to all members of the permanent and 2ndhome communities that their comment letters are extremely important for informing the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on how they feel about the Environmental Impacts from the proposed Village. There are no other public meetings, at least until the Final EIR is done.

To assist the attendees in composing their letters, a group from the Friends divided up the various chapters of the dEIR and prepared their arguments as to (1) what may be missing from the analysis, or (2) what may be in error in the analysis. Focusing on these two questions was the instructions given to us by the Planning Commission at the earlier meeting in Kings Beach. At the July 7th Forum each member presented their segment to the assembled group, answering questions along the way. It was great to see that members of the audience had their own ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints the presenters had not even considered.

The presentation used at this meeting can be found by clicking here.

The Friends of Squaw Valley is in the process of preparing its own, very comprehensive response to the dEIR. It should not be assumed, one way or the other, whether this response will incorporate the arguments used in this presentation. Because of the time crunch, each member did their own analysis and the results were not shared with the larger group prior to this Forum. The exception is the next to last slide, the Position of the Friends of Squaw Valley, and even this is still undergoing change.

So we hope and trust that those that want their voices heard willwrite their letters, using their own analysis, or borrowing freely from this presentation. It does not matter. What matters is that you write.

Remember the deadline for comment letters to be submitted is July 17th at 5PM. If there is any way we can help you, please let us know. We can, if you want, put you in touch with the Friends member who wrote each section.

Please send in a comment letter no later than 5:00 pm on July 17, 2015.. Send them to

Placer County Community Development Resource Agency,
Environmental Coordination Services,
3091 County Center Drive, Suite 190,
Auburn, CA 95603,
Attention: Maywan Krach;

or fax (530)745-3080;

or email cdraecs@placer.ca.gov


The Friends of Squaw Valley is an organization of concerned citizens formed in response to the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan (VSVSP). It is a forum whose mission is to advocate for environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and aesthetically compatible development in Squaw Valley while preserving its community character.


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