It is time to get involved and have your voices heard.

The draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Village at Squaw Valley has been issued, with the public comment period ending July 17, 2015.

At the Planning Commission meeting on June 25th, we learned that there are 23 significant environmental impacts to the environment as a result of the proposed Village at Squaw Valley, and many are unavoidable and have no mitigations. Moreover, the Friends have found additional issues in several areas where the analysis was faulty and the impacts are worse than reported. These impacts would seriously degrade the quality of life for Squaw Valley residents, degrade the experience of visitors, and degrade the value of one of Placer County’s jewels

In order for your voice to be heard, you need to write a letter to the Planning Commission about your concerns before the July 12th deadline. To help you write your letter, the Friends of Squaw Valley will hold a workshop onJuly 5th at 4PM in the PSD conference room. We will go over the impacts as reported in the dEIR, and then review with you the results of the analysis the Friends have done in several of the more important areas – traffic, views, water, land use, etc.

Please plan on being there, and whatever you do, please send in a comment letter no later than 5:00 pm on July 17, 2015.. Send them to

Placer County Community Development Resource Agency,
Environmental Coordination Services,
3091 County Center Drive, Suite 190,
Auburn, CA 95603,
Attention: Maywan Krach;

or fax (530)745-3080;

or email cdraecs@placer.ca.gov


The Friends of Squaw Valley is an organization of concerned citizens formed in response to the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan (VSVSP). It is a forum whose mission is to advocate for environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and aesthetically compatible development in Squaw Valley while preserving its community character.


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