The Friends of Squaw Valley is an organization of concerned citizens formed in response to the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan (VSVSP). It is a forum whose mission is to advocate for environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and aesthetically compatible development in Squaw Valley while preserving its community character.

FoSV Update-January 2015 

The Friends of Squaw Valley offer this update on the Village at Squaw Valley development proposal.  Squaw Valley Real Estate, LLC (SVRE) continues to pursue entitlements for its proposed Village at Squaw project.  SVRE is seeking “programmatic” (conceptual, not project specific) level of approval from Placer County.

The current (3rd) version of the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan (VSVSP) was released in October 2014; it contains proposed design guidelines as well as lot by lot concept development discussion.  Design guidelines (appendix B) are currently under review by the Squaw Valley Design Review Committee (SVDRC, which meets at3:30 pm the first Thursday of each month at the PSD community meeting room, next meeting February 5).  FoSV is actively making recommendations to the SVDRC to set design guidelines that will ensure this or any future developer of the Village site will have constraining building parameters in scale with and reflective of our spectacular community and environment.  The VSVSP will be continually updated as the process moves forward.

The Squaw Valley Municipal Advisory Council (SVMAC, meeting each first Thursday of the month 6pm, same place as SVDRC) also holds discussion on the proposal, specifically regarding zoning, environmental and economic impacts.  The agenda for the February 5 meeting includes Chevis Hosea (VP for SVRE) discussing their plans (Lots 16-19) to place heavy maintenance operations adjacent to Squaw Creek as well as fractional homes in the undeveloped hillside at the entrance to Shirley Canyon.  Andy Fisher of Placer County Parks will also present what the developer is proposing for their Parks and Recreation required mitigation.

The draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is scheduled to be released mid-to-late March 2015.  This document will address the “environmental” impacts of the proposal (including water, sewer, noise, traffic, visual).   FoSV will intensively review and comment on the DEIR; we will hold a public workshop to ensure all concerns are identified.  There will be a 60 day public comment period and then the applicant and County will review and address all concerns raised.  Ultimately, a final EIR (FEIR) document along with a final VSVSP will be compiled (estimate 6 more months) to be reviewed at the SVMAC (advisory only) and then on the County Planning Commission and finally the Board of Supervisors for certification/approval or not.

The DEIR public comment period in April and May is critical for addressing all environmental impacts of the project.  There will be a response to every question or concern. Identifying impacts and the potential mitigations to offset them is crucial to the environmental review process.  FoSV will hold a community forum during this 60 day window to seek your comments and concerns and well as present ours.

Again, SVRE, the applicant, is not seeking a specific project level of approval, but rather a conceptual “programmatic” set of entitlements that would define the next 25 year future of the Village at Squaw.  Nevertheless, this document would set the land use and development guidelines for this (or any subsequent) developer to construct the Village at Squaw Valley.   It needs to be as specific and detailed as possible so we can understand and shape a successful and sustainable future village. It isn’t just about what the developer wants; it must also be what the community wants.  Your input is critical to ensuring the “just right” village is achieved and Squaw Valley’s legacy for our children is preserved.


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