Fund the Movie to Keep Squaw True

Help fund the Sierra Watch movie…. keep Squaw True

Right now, it’s where an incredible story is unfolding as we stand together to defend our mountains. It’s the story of thousands of Davids working together to face down a Goliath of a private developer. It’s a love story about our connection to one of the most special places in the Sierra Nevada.

To protect the place we love and to Keep Squaw True, this is a story we need to tell the whole world, and you can make it happen.

We are Sierra Watch, a nonprofit dedicated to securing lasting conservation for our favorite mountain places, and we are excited to be collaborating with the acclaimed Gaffney Brothers, Robb and Scott, to produce The Movie to Keep Squaw TrueWatch the video to see what we’re about:

Today, February 7, 2018, we are launching our crowdfunding campaign to raise the $80,000 we need to make this movie real and help Keep Squaw True.   Click below to contribute.

Keep Squaw True… The Movie